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The story of a pear

Smell it, taste it, drink it, admire it, paint it, give it to somebody, photograph it, build a hive in its branches, cool down or give somebody a kiss beneath its treetop… 😉 You’ve guessed it right! We’re talking about a pear. Or better: the pear. Firbas Williams pear. The very essence of our tasteful products, such as pear juice, Williams pear brandy, pear jam, pear ice cream, stewed pears, pear pastries…

Exquisite flavours

Choose among the variety of products, which have one thing in common: exquisite delicious flavours. Firbas is synonymous with 100% fresh. And delicious. We ensure full traceability of all ingredients from our own farm, which can only be joined by a select few from nearby farms. If you are in the mood for cold cuts, we will serve you dry salami, tünka cured meat, minced lard, home-made pate, cottage cheese spread, onion, chives, basil and unforgettably delicious ham.



Beneath the blue sky

Choose among a variety of accommodation possibilities. Hayloft is perfect for daydreaming, playing hide and seek, an evening rest or an overnight. Also for a hug and a kiss if you’re there with your beloved one. Another possibility are the two glamping huts, perfectly located amidst green meadows and hills. Of course you can always opt for our rooms or apartments, which are spacious and fully furnished, with a separate bedroom, a kitchen with a refrigerator, a dishwasher and an oven.



Until recently, discovering Slovenske gorice hills wasn’t the easiest thing to do: the distances are (a bit) too long to, if you’re not into hiking… but then came the e-bikes (we have 9 of them) and exploring the surrounding area turned into so much fun that it’s great to book them in advance – simply because it’d be a pity to miss this unique experience of the area.

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