Food and drinks

Jedilni list

Choose among the variety of products, which have one thing in common: exquisite delicious flavours. Firbas is synonymous with 100% fresh. And delicious. We ensure full traceability of all ingredients from our own farm, which can only be joined by a select few from nearby farms. If you are in the mood for cold cuts, we will serve you dry salami, tünka cured meat, minced lard, home-made pate, cottage cheese spread, onion, chives, basil and unforgettably delicious ham.

A sneak peek

How does a colourful and delicious carrot sauce with spelt rolls with a homemade rabbit sound like? Or a juicy pork roast stuffing with a smooth creamy sauce? Add home-made potatoes, delicious cottage cheese dumplings, spiked chicken thighs, juicy buckwheat and numerous other side dishes, from carrots to leeks. And do not forget roasted red beets – heaven on a plate. At the end, treat yourself with a piece of The Over Mura Layer Cake. But beware! This might result in yearning for more (it’s absolutely delicious). 

But it’s not the layer cake that sums up the story of the Firbas Farm. This honour goes to the pear, which we’ve mentioned already. And for a very good reason. The Williams pear is the very essence of our flagship products: be it pear juice (which is served at many top Slovenian restaurants), pear brandy, stewed pears or fresh fruits. There are countless ways of incorporating it into dishes.

When it comes to wine, Firbas family has high standards. This is why they have connected with two renowned local wine producers, who are also part of GOURMET OVER MURA. Together, they combine years of experiences and knowledge, which results in superb wines and great stories that come along.

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