A dining experience at our farm will bring you closer to the authentic tastes of the area, to the best that nature has to offer. Freshly prepared, local and organic, served to you with a great deal of attention to the details, love and care. The products served come from our own garden, from the orchard and from the stable. You will spoil your taste buds with fresh seasonal vegetables, homemade young cheese, tünka meat, sour soup, sourdough dumplings, black pudding and roast, Over Mura Layer Cake, steamed rabbit, stews, homemade bread, herbs, pate, jams, fresh fruit, pumpkin oil and other goodies.

Drinks selection includes our home-made wines (white pinot, riesling, yellow muscat and other varieties), pear brandy, and the Williams pear juice.

Yes, we know: it’s hard to select, but this is why we’re here for you: ask us for advice and will prepare a perfect menu for you. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner or even a special occassion (we accept groups of up to 60 people). We are proud of numerous awards we have received for our dishes and we can not wait to prepare them for you.

If you stay at one of the apartments, a ‘light dinner package’ is included in the price. Fresh soups will be waiting for you in the apartment. The only thing you need to do is to warm it up.